Delivering grid-scale energy storage for a low-carbon future

What we do

Aldustria is an end-to-end battery energy storage business which is procuring, developing and operating battery storage facilities across the UK.

Our objective is to store surplus energy when demand is low, allow greater investment in renewable energy sources to decarbonise the grid through balancing, ensure a more resilient local, regional and national energy system and reduce overall energy costs. Our process to achieve this includes:

Identifying potential connection points within our target geography

Identifying suitable land availability and negotiating lease or purchase arrangements

Technical analysis to determine financial feasibility

Delivering implementable planning consents and all regulatory approvals

Procuring equipment and components, and constructing the facility

Negotiating and contracting with the energy aggregator to maximise the income

Operating and maintaining the facility to keep it running efficiently and reliably

Decommissioning facilities safely at the end of their life

Our portfolio

Aldustria is developing a diverse portfolio of battery storage facilities, with a core product of distribution grid-connected projects ranging in capacity from 3MW to 20MW. We are also pursuing discrete transmission-connected projects with a minimum capacity of 50MW.

In addition to standalone storage projects, Aldustria’s portfolio includes projects which are integrated with mixed-use developments and incorporate private wire, micro-grid and EV charging opportunities.

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